The beginning is near…or here

It all started with a cooking demonstration at Williams Sonoma.  Or maybe it started with the Raspberry Tea Cake recipe I found. Or maybe it started before that.  I can’t remember when or how it started but one day it was decided that we (Tope, Katie, and I) would cook learn to cook and document our successes, or near successes, or almost near successes via this blog.

We’re two weeks in and have a few things to catch up on.  We’re learning something new every week and we’re here to document it all and share it all.

What I learned last time: Don’t buy or substitute real wine for cooking wine from the store because of the salt content.  Cooking wine has a higher salt content for preservation purposes.  As Tope told me “Don’t cook with it unless you’d drink with it.”

Keep it classy Salt Lake City,


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