The Ketchup Post

Since it took us a bit to come up with a name for our blog, we’re a little behind on posting information and what we’ve been doing.
Hence, the catch up post! haha get it…catch up, ketchup…let the tomato throwing begin.

Anyway, we started our first ever cooking adventure a few weeks ago with a cooking demonstration at Williams-Sonoma.  We learned how to grill things but unfortunately, being the poor college students we are, none of us own any type of indoor grilling equipment and it’s currently 32 degrees and snowing outside, which puts a damper on any grilling that could be done outside.

Since there is no grilling equipment to be found in any of our kitchens we decided to cook something else. Fajitas!!  It was basically a hodgepodge of vegetables and chicken.  There was no recipe, just five girls in a kitchen making stuff up.  It turned out pretty decent for so many hands on a dish.

What we learned: that grilling pans are awesome, and that flank steak used to be pretty cheap and it was always cheap because people never knew what to do with it therefore, never bought it.  It’s also pretty fibrous so the trick is to cut it against the grain.

Our lusts of the day: Oil misters and pull cord food processors.

For everyone here at, I’m Fiona. Good night.


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