Peek at a Post

Preview of what Tope and I did tonight. Brace yourself for the posting that is to come! Advertisements

More Egg-cellent Business!!

I wonder how much people hate egg puns… Anyway, it’s President’s Day weekend which means no school today, no internships today, but still plenty of homework to put off catch up on. But most important…LOTS of food blogs to read!! So first off, you should know that I, Fiona, love breakfast.  I mean  I loooove … Continue reading

Peanut Curry Stir Fry

Sometimes you go to the grocery store without a plan.  Sometimes you go to the grocery store and buy things (namely produce) because they’re pretty.  Sometimes, you’re a marketer’s dream because half the things you purchase are impulse buys.  Sometimes, these things happen all the time… for me anyway. A few weeks ago, I purchased … Continue reading

A Petite Perfunctory Post

A kinda quick, kinda short, post. Every Wednesday night I have class from 6-9pm, and let me just tell you, night classes SUCK.  I quite enjoy my  class, I thinks it’s really interesting but having to sit for 3 hours after I’ve already been in class or at the library all day long is really … Continue reading

How many ounces in a/an…?

Today, while I watched the apple pie baking in the oven Tope and Fiona called me asking me about conversions. Pfff…I don’t know.  But what I do know is how to find out.  There are amazing sites to help those not-so-conversion-minded folks. These I have found to be two of the easiest and most accessible. … Continue reading

Sensational Sushi – How To

Do you LOOOVE sushi? Have you ever tried sushi? The three of us have come to have a sincere appreciation for the culinary wonders of fish, seaweed, and rice blended together to create this deliciously scrumptious thing we call sushi. Living in the residence halls at the University of Utah, there are always programs being … Continue reading

Team Supper Club

As has already been said, we are three college students exploring our passions for the kitchen.  For food, for cooking, for new ingredients, and so forth.  To do this, we gather together at least once a week for Williams-Sonoma technique cooking classes and we cook a new dish/dessert that we learned about or we just … Continue reading

Wine, Lust, and Introductions

There are a couple of recipes that I am dying….DYING to try out, and it just so happens that many of them include wine! I don’t know that much about wine, aside from the fact that I like to drink it 🙂 but if you were to ask me what wine pairs well with what … Continue reading

The Frigid Cold

Oh boy was yesterday miserable!! This freezing cold/wind mixture is quite awful.  I believe today is suppose to be like this: However, the only really critical part is the part that says “FEELS LIKE: 9” which I know, I know, isn’t as cold as some other places and it’s better than yesterday’s “FEELS LIKE: 4” … Continue reading