The Frigid Cold

Oh boy was yesterday miserable!! This freezing cold/wind mixture is quite awful.  I believe today is suppose to be like this:

Boo for this cold cold weather.

However, the only really critical part is the part that says “FEELS LIKE: 9” which I know, I know, isn’t as cold as some other places and it’s better than yesterday’s “FEELS LIKE: 4” but it’s still crazy cold!!

So to battle the cold I’m staying in the house for as long as possible planning out a cornucopia of hot foods to make.  First off I thought of:

This morning started out with EGG CUPS!! 🙂 I made them a few weeks ago with ham, egg, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, and broccoli.  I over baked them so the egg dried out but they were still pretty good. Round two went a whole lot better though.  This time I substituted broccoli for bits of potato, since I was in a potato-y mood.  They turned out pretty freaking awesome, I didn’t over cook them, the potatoes were great, and using the oven helped heat the house a little bit 🙂

If you want to try making egg cups, they’re pretty simple.  Easy to make and super quick to cook.  Here are a couple recipes: one and two.

As for the rest of the day, it’s off to dance class with me, then there’s sandwiches at the Newman Center where Katie is, and Tope and I are planning to have a day full of hot tomato soup, home made bread, and grilled cheese soon.  Can you say EXCITED?!

It may be freezing cold, but at least we’re not snowed in.
Take care of yourself, and each other.



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