A Petite Perfunctory Post

A kinda quick, kinda short, post.

Every Wednesday night I have class from 6-9pm, and let me just tell you, night classes SUCK.  I quite enjoy my  class, I thinks it’s really interesting but having to sit for 3 hours after I’ve already been in class or at the library all day long is really exhausting.  And by the time class starts I’m just itching to get home.  Not to mention it’s right about dinner time so for the first half hour/hour all I ever think about is food.  Sorry Teach, I can’t help it.

So since I’m at school all day and it costs about a million dollars to eat on campus I usually just end up waiting until I get home.  However, I have the patience of a rabid two year old when it comes to food so I usually end up eating something stereotypically “college.”  More specifically something pulled together in under 5 minutes like cereal, ramen, sandwiches, all that gourmet college goodness.

Tonight was no different, but then I remembered this recipe for mushroom parsley salad that seemed to be pretty easy to make. So I popped on over to the store, grabbed some mushrooms and voila!!

Fast, easy, and the best part is that it will be great tomorrow to eat in between classes/my internship/and my three back to back meetings because it can be eaten at room temperature.  Yes, I think about these things! Things like: do I have to eat it hot, do I have to eat it cold, do I have to pack a spoon to school, if I don’t eat it right away will it wilt or spoil.  I have to think about these things because no matter how hungry I am, I’m still very critical of wilted lettuce, and soggy bread.

I’m always on the hunt for fast, easy recipes or ways to reinvent the oh so traditional bowl of ramen.  So if you come across any, send them this way!  And in return I’m offering the mightiest of high-fives! And maybe a hug.

Well, I’m off to do oh so much homework.  See you on the radio internet!



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