More Egg-cellent Business!!

I wonder how much people hate egg puns…

Anyway, it’s President’s Day weekend which means no school today, no internships today, but still plenty of homework to put off catch up on. But most important…LOTS of food blogs to read!!

So first off, you should know that I, Fiona, love breakfast.  I mean  I loooove breakfast!! At all times of the day, but even more so at non-breakfast time.  Waffles for lunch,  toast and bacon at 3 am. LOVE <3.  Though while I quite adore most breakfast foods whole heartedly (I tend to quickly tire of pancakes), I love none more than the egg.

So I’m sure you can guess what I had for lunch.  Eggs!  Eggs in a basket to be more specific.  Though I’ve also heard them called eggs in a nest, texas toast, and egg in a hole.  All names aside what could be more perfect? I mean toast, and eggs IN ONE?!!! Done. I’m in.

How can anyone not fall instantly in love with that deliciously wonderful blend of crunchy buttery toast with salty gooey runny on the inside egg.  Sweet baby J, I’m in breakfast heaven.

Eggs and toast in one?! I mean COME ON!! It doesn't get much better.

I never really follow a recipe for this but I understand that some people have to have a recipe.  So here’s one and an interesting one that you know I’ll be trying…probably later today .  They’re pretty simple to make so I tend to just wing it.  Bread: with a chunk of the middle taken out.  Butter  and eggs (obviously). Salt and pepper.

Tear a chunk out of the middle of your slice of bread.  Butter bread.  Throw it in a hot pan.  Crack an egg into the hole.  Salt/pepper as desired.  Flip it over.  Voila!! Delicious eggy goodness.


I'll probably try this later today 🙂

Happy long weekend/Presidents’ Day to all!!


One Response to “More Egg-cellent Business!!”
  1. Katie Hobbs says:

    Fiona, I looooove eggs in toast also! I am very glad that we share this in common!!!!

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