Cake-pop Fail…

So we tried to make cake pops a few weeks ago. Can you say “epic cake pop fail,” because we failed epically. Right from the beginning we started off poorly. Basically what happend was a combination of none of us actually learning or reading how to make cake pops or what ingredients to buy but more of us skimming eHow on what to do and randomly buying and substituting ingredients here and there.

So here’s the play by play.  First off we bought frosting, but no one specified what kind so we just bought what we liked to eat.  The whipped kind.


We may love it on cupcakes, but it falls short in the cake pop making division.  It clearly just doesn’t have what it take to hold all the cake bits together.

Note: No one EVER specifies that you shouldn’t use whipped frosting.  And maybe we just weren’t thinking but I feel like SOMEWHERE it should be specified that whipped frosting is a no-no.  I guess we’re just those people who have to have things explained to them when the rest of the world is like “Well, DUH!!” Kinda like that whole “please remove infant before collapsing stroller,” warning label. I want to know how many parents were like “Well NO ONE TOLD US YOU HAD TO TAKE THE KID OUT FIRST!!”

So first lesson learned: you gotta buy the thick stuff.  It just holds all the cake crumblies together.

Then we tried to find melting chips/candy melts but we couldn’t find them at our grocery store so we bought regular chips.  I really wanted Candy Melts because I knew they came in a bunch of different colors, I had never worked with them before, and I knew they were pretty simple to work with, but they simply didn’t have them and so we substituted.  Bad idea. We bought these Ghirardelli white chocolate chips instead.  We knew we could melt them and Katie suggested that we could just color them with the gels I had…sooo we decided why not? Again bad idea.




These chips are fine just fine to bake with or to dip substantial things like strawberries in but with our already delicate pops they were just too heavy and when melted the consistency was just too thick and difficult to work with since it takes soooo long to cool and dry.

Oh we tried everything to make it better.  We tried thinning it with milk. That didn’t work.  The chocolate just got super runny and then took HOURS to dry.

Here’s the evidence:


No amount of refrigeration could hold these together.

Looking ok so far right?….oh just you wait.


Sad. It looks like an alien brain. Oh and these gels are AWESOME. Wilton=high pigment, really really great! Get them!!

Fragile cake ball + heavy, slow drying chocolate = sad pop

They were suppose to look like this:


From Bakerella. I LOVE Bakerella!!

If you know anything about me and how much I love cake/cupcakes I’m sure you can understand how disappointed I was when this didn’t work out.  I was truly bummed.

Well, we were bound to fail at some point, or several points. But if you watch Top Chef as much as I do, you know that most chefs get eliminated for doing a dessert. Stupid dessert.

So if you ever end up on Top Chef, skip the dessert and do a 4th entree instead.

Go get your cook on.


ps. this wasn’t the post you were suppose to be waiting for…

One Response to “Cake-pop Fail…”
  1. Macey says:

    This is exactly the reason I have yet to attempt Cake Pops. They’ve always seemed deceivingly easy.

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