Chef Jaxon-Park City Cooking Class

This is the post you’ve been waiting for! Which may or may not being somewhat anti-climactic.  Sorry, my bad.  I guess I kinda built it up.

So a few weeks ago…or maybe it was just last week.  It’s hard to say since I’ve lost all sense of time. Either way, at some point in the past Tope, Katie, and I all bought a Groupon for a cooking class in Park City.  We thought it was a pretty good deal since cooking classes usually range from $60+ and this one was “valued” at $65 or so but we only paid $30 and we were promised a cookbook. So cooking class and a cookbook for $30. DONE!

It was an evening on learning how to cook with wine.  But I never actually learned how to cook with wine.  There was no discussion of what wine to use when, nor even how much.  The only things I learned about wine came from a couple Tope and I met.

We basically watched other people make us homemade noodles (which were pretty awesome), a citrus-winey chicken (meh), a mushroom appetizer with goat cheese (high-freaking-five), and a desert of foam and twills…touiles…toiles…no idea how to spell it but it’s a cookie kind of treat made from a chocolatey paste (sounds weird, pretty good)

Right from the start we should have known better since the woman had oversold coupons for the amount of classes and space she could actually offer.  So we had to wait about a month for her to put up more classes.

Eventually it came down to the day where Tope and I drove up to Park City only to find out that our expectation of the cooking class being at a school, or institute or studio space of some sort was misguided and was actually in this lady’s home.  Am I the only one who thinks this is awkward or unusual? Not sure. Tope and I were a lot little weirded out though.

Anyway. When we got to this random house, Chef Jaxon seemed to be completely bewildered as to why we were there.  Uhhh…I’m here for your cooking class lady. Apparently, she had no idea who was coming to that evening’s class, despite the fact that we had emailed her specifically about coming that day.  Guess that woman doesn’t check her emails, or doesn’t actually read the email because she kept saying over and over and over that she had no idea who was coming.

I was fairly irritated at this point because Chef Jaxon kept saying that she didn’t know who was coming. I get it lady!! I couldn’t tell if she wanted us to leave or not so Tope and I just ended up staying.  We didn’t really end up cooking anything but more so watching everyone else cook.  I mean don’t get me wrong I did do some cooking.  I chopped a shallot, and whisked some eggs, and stirred some cheese into a pan of mushrooms.

It was all moderately disappointing.  It wasn’t as hands-on as I wanted it to be.  And there was very little direction or organization.  I mean I can read a recipe just as well as anyone else.  I was looking for something beyond that and the only guidance provided from Chef Jaxon was to not stir the custard mixture but to whisk it. Gotcha. Thanks.

Oh, and the “cookbook” was a stapled packet of 5-6 recipes.  I couldn’t tell you how many were actually there because the packet Tope and I got (as in we had to share, not that I mind sharing my “cookbook”) was missing pages.

I could go on and on about why I was disappointed with this. Overall, I would give Chef Jaxon’s Park City Cooking Class two thumbs down on my made up but very legit scale of awesomeness. Don’t get me wrong Chef Jaxon knows her stuff, I can see it in her and in the way she talks about cooking and food, but she’s just not the greatest teacher. She seemed to be frazzled by the 12 people that were there, overwhelmed, and annoyed that she had to deal with Tope and I when we got there.  Her assistant, Susan, was super great though. Quite helpful, warm, welcoming, kind, all that jazz.  I’d give Susan a high-five.

Would I do it again? For free-yes. I did get to eat what everyone else made! Would I pay for it?….uh….well….it would take some awesome convincing but I might be willing to pay $10 to do it again.

Oh! And it wasn’t a complete loss. Tope and I met this great couple from Minnesota who just moved to Park City who were oh sooo kind and let us cook with them and shared their wine with us. Thanks Jackie and Jeff!! They were really so nice and suggested all these places in Salt Lake that Tope and I have never been to, despite living here for so long. So it wasn’t a complete loss.

The evidence:

Bread that I did not have a hand in baking.

An egg base I was told to WHISK NOT STIRRR!!!

These mushrooms were pretty good. High-five worthy.

Noodles that I didn't have a hand in making

So maybe for future reference..don’t take classes from Chef Jaxon.  There are other, better places to go.  The demonstrations at Willimas-Sonoma are MUCH better.  You still get a baby packet of recipes, theres more direction and tips about food and cooking, and while you may not get to eat as much you still get to eat.  Oh and IT’S FREE. Tope, Katie and I regularly attend the demonstrations at our local Williams-Sonoma so if you live in Salt Lake City you can find us at the Trolley Williams-Sonoma every Sunday! Come say hi!!


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  1. Katie Hobbs says:

    I looooove Minnesota!!!!!!!!!!

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