Cake Pops. Take Two.

A bit ago I posted our epic…or maybe not so epic cake pop fail.  I guess it could have been worse.  We could have lit something on fire, or gave people food poisoning, and then the world could have ended.  But since none of that happened I guess it wasn’t such an epic fail.

Anyway, we tried again in honor of the Random Acts of Kindness campaign I just finished.  And let me just say, that when you use the proper materials/ingredients it all suddenly comes together.  Funny how that works.  This time we used:

Classic Vanilla Frosting

Yellow Cake

Yellow Candy Melts

Yellow candy melts mostly because it was the color we chose for our campaign.  And we followed all the steps:

1. Bake cake and let cool.
2. Crumble cake and mix with frosting (about 1/2 a tub)
3. Form into balls or use molds to help shape.
4. Insert lollipop stick and refrigerate (aprox. 10-15 min)
5. Melt candy melts
6. Cover cake bits.

Voila! Cake pop!

Oh yeah then we added sprinkles to hide the lumps in the chocolate.  We haven’t quite figured out how to make the candy coating smooth smooth.

They were a bit sweet for me.  Too much vanilla-goodness. I think if we used a chocolate cake and some sort of dark chocolate frosting it would have worked out.  The candy melts are super sweet so we’re in the process of coming up with some ways to neutralize all the sugary sweetness.  Or maybe my sweet tooth is just extra small.  But if you have any tips let us know!

Tope and I made them and since they made about 25 Tope took a few home and I gave most of them to ASUU Campus Relations and they seemed to be a big hit!

At least they looked kinda cute 🙂

The thing I’ve learned about cake pops is that practice makes perfect.  The next time we make them we’l try and work out all the chocolate smoothing kinks.

Peace, Love, and Happy Cake Pop Making!



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