Please Hold…

Dear Readers,

I apologize in advance for our upcoming weeklong disappearance/hiatus in posting.  It’s mid-terms and if it doesn’t kill us we’ll be back in two weeks with epic posts from our spring break awesomeness that’s about to happen.  Tope and I are going to New York so we hope to experience some awesome awesomeness that is the Big Apple food scene.  That is IF mid-terms doesn’t kill us all.  I don’t even know about the other two girls but I have a killer test tomorrow (that I’m CLEARLY putting off studying for), a campaign evaluation/write up to do, half a Powerpoint Presentation to do, a scholarship to apply for,  and an application for a student award to fill out all before we head out on Saturday.  Oh boy.  I may be in over my head haha.  Wish us luck with mid-terms and well see you once we catch up on sleep 🙂



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