It’s gotta be that London air…

Yes folks, reporting live from London!!, it’s me! Fiona 🙂

Let me again apologize for the absence and lack of posting. Finals and graduation were clearly more than enough to distract us from this blog.

So I haven’t been doing much cooking here. We’re super limited on resources and with the exchange rate, buying things to start a kitchen capable of handling regular cooking has been quite difficult. Also, I’ve been struggling to find places to buy actual produce. Most things here are all prepackaged meals, which is great for the eating-on-the-run-student-in-me, but really limits the whole cooking thing.

I also haven’t experienced any English foods aside from my recent encounters with….the pasty.

Pasty: (past-ee) – a folded pastry case filled with seasoned meat and vegetables. Not to be mispronounced as paste-ee like my roommate told me.  This will only result in hysterical laughing by any of the English locals who can hear you.

I had a chicken and mushroom one and it rocked my world!!! It was basically a chicken pot pie in my hand. Something I could eat on my way home from work to satiate myself when I’m on the verge of eating my own stomach.

They’re quite wonderful and I wish I knew where to get them in the states.

And now a little history on the pasty from my flatmate Laura:
Originally, the pasty was created as a means of giving  workers with dirty hands something to hold onto while they eat, instead of grabbing and eating all their food with their dirty hands.  So their wives would bake meat and vegetables into a pastry, add that extra doughy handle to the edge and give it to their husbands who would then hold the pasty by the handle, eat the middle section and toss the outer ring.  But really that flaky, doughy handle is my favorite part. And when they give it to you in a paper bag, the bag really acts as a new method of holding the pasty thereby allowing me to eat that flaky handle. 😀 Hooray!!

Please note the delicious handle by which said pasty is being held. Pure deliciousness.

I’ll definitely be missing these when I’m forced to head back to the states. Yes, forced. I’m not so sure why anyone would willingly leave this delightful place.



One Response to “It’s gotta be that London air…”
  1. Yeah Fiona!!!

    That is exciting!!!!! I hope you have more awesome encounters with food there!!

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