Quick and Simple Cold Pastas

I work in housing on campus and just yesterday we had a large area activity.  We had a barbeque and for some reason people tended to avoid the tomatoes.  Subsequently, we had A TON of tomatoes left over, and of course, I was obliged to take them home with me to my apartment.  The only … Continue reading

Birthday Cupcakes!

Our dear friend and fellow food blogger FIONA…haha :D, had a birthday the other day! It is no surprise that she LOOOVES cupcakes.  Cupcakes in any shape, flavor, color, frosting, texture, well she is up for it. Since my cupcakes skills are yet to be formed, I thought I would keep it simple.  So for … Continue reading

Berries with a Tantalizing Ricotta Dip

Need a fun way to use those frozen berries outside of the classic smoothie option? I have had some frozen raspberries for awhile because they were purchased with the intention of using them for of course smoothies! Alas, I never got around to making smoothies, but the other day I was thinking that I needed … Continue reading