Quick and Simple Cold Pastas

I work in housing on campus and just yesterday we had a large area activity.  We had a barbeque and for some reason people tended to avoid the tomatoes.  Subsequently, we had A TON of tomatoes left over, and of course, I was obliged to take them home with me to my apartment.  The only thing about having a BAJILL-IAN tomatoes in your fridge is that pre-sliced tomatoes only last so long.  So today, I used maybe 1/6 of them for a quick and simple pasta!

One of my FAVORITE quick and easy, and DELICIOUS things to make is a simple cold pasta!

So tonight I whipped up a delicious treat.


Quick Pasta

Quick Pasta


Here let me make it clear how SIMPLE this is, it is sooo easy!

To Make:

Cook favorite type of pasta (spaghetti, bow-tie, fettuccine, whole-wheat, regular, etc.) and drain.

Chop/dice available vegetables, here I used the tomatoes (described above), some red peppers, and minced garlic.

Put all vegetables in bowl, mix. Add hot pasta. Add favorite olive oil to taste and balsamic vinegar.  Here I used a favorite of mine ( I LOOOOVE balsamic vinegar ) called Lemon Sicilian Balsamic purchased from Mountain Town Olive Oil. Then add salt and pepper to taste, I also added some dried basil.

Mix, taste, perhaps add a little more pepper or whatever to your liking….


My Prized Balsamic Vinegar

My Prized Balsamic Vinegar


ANDDDD BAM! Delicious and quick cold pasta! Mmmmm!

Some other versions are below!





This is corkscrew pasta with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cheese (Parmesan & mozzarella are my preferences so far), and of course olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, etc.



Pasta Again :D

Pasta Again 😀


This time there is spinach, zucchini, tomatoes, basil, etc.


There are all sorts of things to make this exciting! I would also use olives next time. Add some protein to make it perhaps more of a ‘meal’!  Mmmm! But just get creative and you will have a delicious cold pasta meal/snack!


-See you in the Kitchen!






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  1. Mmmm – looks great Katherine.

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