Ceviche Peruano

One of my absolute FAVORITE Peruvian dishes is ceviche!  This fish/seafoody concoction is so delicious and can be eaten alone or paired with my favorite Huancaina (click here).  A lot of South American and Central American (+ Mexico) countries have their own version of ceviche.  However, as I am partial to Peru, I do love … Continue reading

Huancaina – A Peruvian Sauce

Traditionally, huancaina is a Peruvian sauce typically served cold over potatoes and lettuce.  Papa a la huancaina is a popular Peruvian appetizer served before a main dish in Peru. However, I LOVE this sauce on just about EVERYTHING! Though, again usually served with potatoes, I love to eat it over rice.  This is one of … Continue reading

Not in New York…Lomo Saltado

As per my job working in the residence halls here on campus, I am spending the second half of my spring break working (on duty) making sure everything is running smoothly and no one is going too too crazy here on campus. My fellow cooking buddies here on this blog (Tope and Fiona) are taking … Continue reading