Black Bean Soup

This soup is simple and delicious!!! Easy (very easy) to make either vegetarian or vegan! I will be making this soup for Soup and Stations one Friday during this Lenten Season! – This is my take on Quick Black Bean Soup from this website. – – Black Bean Soup   Ingredients: Oil (for frying onions) … Continue reading

Potsticker Soup

Again with the winter theme – soups are IN 😀 One of my favorite things to make are potstickers! These are simple (sometimes slightly time-consuming) and super easy to change up to your preferences of the day.  I have yet to make my own dough for the potstickers, so for now I just go to … Continue reading

Simple Minestrone Soup

As it starts to get cold, I find myself more and more drawn to soups! Easy to make and they will keep you warm; it feels so nice to curl up on the couch with a pipping bowl of steaming hot scrumptious soup. Tonight, I made Minestrone.  Minestrone is a very versatile Italian soup.  Vegetables, … Continue reading

Huancaina – A Peruvian Sauce

Traditionally, huancaina is a Peruvian sauce typically served cold over potatoes and lettuce.  Papa a la huancaina is a popular Peruvian appetizer served before a main dish in Peru. However, I LOVE this sauce on just about EVERYTHING! Though, again usually served with potatoes, I love to eat it over rice.  This is one of … Continue reading

What do I have in my Pantry?

Soup and a Sandwich

So…the other day as I was reorganizing my kitchen, I realized that I have a ‘few’ canned items that I have had with me for awhile now…these items included canned tomatoes and chicken broth.  I thought…hmmmmm what can I make out of this and discovered that I should try making my own home-made tomato soup.  … Continue reading