Pistachio Cupcakes….Finally

Hello World – it’s me, Tope. This post is dedicated to Katie for multiple reasons.  1 – I’ve been telling her I would blog about it for literally 2 years now.  2 – Her birthday was last month and again I told her I would blog about it.  3 – she’s getting married in 2 … Continue reading

A Basic Yellow Cake

I have never made yellow cake from scratch.  The box is just so easy.  Then again, I rarely make the box one, because it just isn’t quite as delicious as homemade cakes. However, the occasion came for me to try making a yellow cake.  My father’s birthday was this week and he will be coming … Continue reading

Birthday Cupcakes!

Our dear friend and fellow food blogger FIONA…haha :D, had a birthday the other day! It is no surprise that she LOOOVES cupcakes.  Cupcakes in any shape, flavor, color, frosting, texture, well she is up for it. Since my cupcakes skills are yet to be formed, I thought I would keep it simple.  So for … Continue reading

When Life Gives you Lemons…

It’s time for LEMON DESSERTS!!!!!!! So along with the previous post, this post is in an effort to revive our blogging efforts!!! So look out for much more to come this summer! With Fiona off enjoying the awesome-ness of London, Tope and I are in Salt Lake experiencing less than acceptable weather. .. So what … Continue reading